Terms & Conditions

ASSIGNMENT KEEN is a legally-operated organization that closely follows the rules of academic writing business. This is why it strictly obliges all of its clients to pay particular attention to the clauses mentioned below:

Use of Service

ASSIGNMENT KEEN is a professional writing service that collaborates with students on writing any type of paper. However, it strongly denounces the use of its service in the context of piracy or plagiarism.

The company retains only expert and experienced staff to create a paper. Every paper created by our team is written according to the highest principles of academic writing.

The agreement of contract between the client and company will be effective from the time of order placement and it will be closed after the final payment.

We pledge that a paper will be created as per instructions of the client. However, if a client experiences any issues in the paper, the client can complain the matter to us through our Client Support Service within 2 weeks.

We instruct each of our clients to provide their information at the time of order submission. In the case of missing information, the client can communicate with our Client Support Service to provide the remaining details.

Cancellation Policy

ASSIGNMENT KEEN does not revoke an order on the basic of a complex topic or tight deadline. Nonetheless, there are times when it is not possible to execute an order due to unexpected events or unforeseen situations. Therefore, the company reserves rights to cancel an order if:

  • We are unable to assign a suitable team of experts to accomplish an order
  • We have reservations over completion of an order within the given timeframe
  • The client violates the policy of our organization.

If ASSIGNMENT KEEN terminates an order even after getting initial payment, the client will be eligible to submit a refund application.

Privacy Policy

Personal Information of Clients

All clients have to provide their complete personal information including their full name, email address and phone numbers. It is at the discretion of a client to reveal his/her original name or use an alias instead. However, the client must give the remaining details since it is not possible to process an order without such critical details. We take complete responsibility for protecting personal information of the clients under a safe and secure security system.

Use of Personal Information

ASSIGNMENT KEEN uses personal details of clients to communicate with them over various aspects of a paper. In addition, we need personal information of the clients to keep them updated about recent developments in our organization, such as new events, upcoming promotions and latest services. The company ensures that the personal information of the clients will never be disclosed to anyone.

If any client has concerns with use of personal information, the client can withdraw from our services anytime. We will then permanently remove all their data from our system.

Use of Web-Based Information

ASSIGNMENT KEEN takes into consideration the cookies of its visitors to analyze performance of its web pages. In this way, we are able to check web pages that are not performing up to the mark. This empowers us to enhance functionality of our website in order to improve the user experience. Any visitor can block this service by turning off the cookies. However, it will render some of our online features ineffective for them.

Refund Policy

If a client is not happy with his/her paper even after getting 7 revisions, the client can report the issue with us. We will then either:

Assign a new academic writer to accomplish the assignment only when we are sure that the writer can complete the paper on the given date and time. OR Reimburse the payment to the client.


When working on a paper, it is always possible to encounter an insignificant error or negligible delay. In that event, the client will not be liable for a refund.

If a client accidentally overpays to the company as a result of technical issues with credit card, the company will return the remaining amount to the client as quickly as possible.

Contact and Dispute Agreement

When a client is not satisfied with final draft of a paper, the client must first discuss the matter to us before asking any mediator.

Failure to settle the matter within 14 days will make the client eligible to contact any mediator for assistance.
In the event, when a client contacts the mediator before sharing the matter with the company, the client will be involved in violation of contract and ASSIGNMENT KEEN will pursue respective actions to solve the matter.

Delivery Agreement

We guarantee that the paper of the client will be sent without any delay to ensure its timely delivery.
If the company fails to send the paper on the given date and time, it will recompense an amount to the client for his/her loss of time.

ASSIGNMENT KEEN does not cost a fee for delivery of a paper.

24/7 Client Support Service

ASSIGNMENT KEEN will chat with its clients through its round-the-clock client support service to respond to their queries.

The company will employ only competent and experienced team for matters related to Client Relationship.

No Plagiarism Agreement

ASSIGNMENT KEEN ensures that every paper from its team is thoroughly original and free from plagiarism. The company sends a detailed plagiarism report as proof of originality of a paper.

Note: Each of the clauses mentioned in the above ‘Terms of Service’ is subject to change. However, we will keep our clients updated if any changes are approved.